Perch: Designed with you in mind.

(We think your kids will like it here, too).

For them…

PicMonkey Collage2Perch is a place to play.
Your children will delight in our collection of engaging, interactive toys. We have wooden blocks for stacking and foam blocks for climbing. We have dolls for rocking, and a rocking horse for riding. We have puzzles for little hands, a work bench for big plans, and play food for every kind of appetite. All of our play materials were selected with your child’s safety and enjoyment at heart.

Perch is a place to dream. Wizard’s robes and fairy wings. A play tent for the weary traveler. Your child’s imagination will flourish in an atmosphere that promotes long distance flights of fancy.

Perch is a place to read.
Curl up with a good book, or twenty. We encourage you to wile away the hours perusing beloved classics and captivating contemporary tales. Whether your child thrills to dinosaurs or diggers, digs fantasy or folklore, the library at Perch is bound to satisfy.

Perch is a place to create. We have a medium for every artistic message. Crayons, finger paints and colored pencils; feathers, tissue paper and pom poms. Our Artist’s Corner, equipped with smocks and a kid-sized activity table, will serve as your child’s canvas…so your living room rug doesn’t have to.

Perch is a place to dance. Garden of Verses (45 minutes), our popular creative movement class for toddlers, offers a gentle, joyful introduction to dance. Using imagery, rhyme and song, children are guided through simple yet foundational movement patterns that promote kinesthetic awareness, coordination and focus. Storybook pages spring to life as children reimagine timeless classics and embody beloved characters; props, instruments and costumes enhance the magic. How hungry is your little caterpillar? Join us in Garden of Verses to find out.

For you…

Perch is a place to connect: Enjoy chatting with adults as sleep-deprived as you are. Discuss parenting. Discuss anything BUT parenting. We reluctant 5AM risers ought to stick together.

Perch is a place to relax: Let us read to your child for a while. Perch on the sidelines and simply observe the action.

Perch is a place to recharge. Coffee. Good coffee. You’ll find it here, on the house.